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Women's Football: History made! After first ever female manager is appointed in Sierra Leone

Women's Football: History made! After first ever female manager is appointed in Sierra Leone
Victoria Conteh is the first ever woman to manage a men's team in the Sierra Leone Premier Division
Victoria Conteh has been appointed as head coach of East End Tigers, making her the first-ever woman to manage a men's side in the Sierra Leone Premier League.

Conteh is the only female coach in the country with a Caf A licence and has just signed a two-year deal with the side, who were previously known as Gem Stars of Tongo.

Speaking on the announcement, East End Tigers owner Victor Lewis told the BBC that, "[the appointment] shouldn't be a man or woman thing, it should be about who is qualified to do the job. We've decided to appoint [Conteh] because she's qualified and that's the bottom line."

Lewis went onto explain that Conteh has a two-year mandate, with the target of finishing in the top four.

"We are very confident that she can deliver. We're happy to secure her services and believe her appointment is good for the women's game," he said.

Conteh is only the second woman in Africa to have managed a high-ranking men's side after Mesert Manni took charge of Ethiopian team Dire Dawa four years ago, but the 45-year-old still has huge ambitions for her new side.

"My target is to make history by becoming the first woman coach to win the top-flight. I'm determined to do what some of the men coaches can't do," Conteh explained.

The Sierra Leone Premier Division has only just kicked off, and Conteh's first game in charge resulted in a 1-1 draw on Saturday at home to Kallon FC.

East End Tigers are yet to win a Premier Division title and finished in ninth place last season, but Conteh is confident that she's the right person to take the Tigers to the next level.

"I know it's not easy for a woman to serve as a coach in the top flight in Sierra Leone but I'll cope with the pressure and I'm determined to do well. I have confidence that I'll deliver. I have what it takes to do that," the manager said.

Once she's conquered the men's Premier Division, Conteh wants to take her career to a "higher height", and one day coach the country's national team.

"I hope to continue coaching in the top flight and my dream is to one day coach the Sierra Leone men's senior national team Leone Stars."

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