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Premier League clubs rankings by how much supporters love or hate them

Premier League clubs rankings by how much supporters love or hate them

No doubts that some football club are being loved than others

Using Manchester City, for example. Unless you support the Citizens, you can assuredly says that most fans will label them 'plastic', singling out their much spending and laugh at the occasion empty seats.

Looking from another side, Leicester City will always have a special place in the hearts of the public after their fairytale run to the Premier League in the 2015-16 season.

Unfortunately, there will never be a definitive way of assessing how popular a club truly is, but that hasn't stopped Transfermarkt from giving it a shot.

That's because they run a feature on the website where fixtures are randomised and users are invited to click on the club they would prefer to win that game.

Most popular Premier League clubs

And over the course of thousands of votes and clicks, Transfermarkt have been able to rank every Premier League on the percentage of fans that back them to win.

It's not the perfect way of judging popularity, but it gives a fascinating insight on the soft spots and bitter grudges of English football fans and the results are very interesting. Check out the full breakdown below:

20. Burnley - 33%

19. Manchester City - 34%
18. Norwich City - 37%

17. Bournemouth - 38%

16. Watford - 40%

15. Brighton & Hove Albion - 41%

14. Chelsea - 42%

13. Sheffield United - 43%

12. Crystal Palace - 44%

11. Aston Villa - 47%

10. Newcastle United - 50%

9. Manchester United - 51%

8. Everton - 56%

7. West Ham United - 56%

6. Wolverhampton Wanderers - 57%

5. Tottenham Hotspur - 57%

4. Southampton - 58%

3. Leicester City - 59%

2. Arsenal - 62%

1. Liverpool - 70%

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