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Petition to remove VAR from the Premier League is making the trends

Petition to remove VAR from the Premier League is making the trends
Well, VAR was at it again this weekend.

The final Premier League fixtures of the decade were completely marred by technology and supporters have had enough of it now.

One fan is so sick of VAR, that he's taken matters into his own hands and created a petition to remove it from top-flight football.

At the time of writing, the document has over 4,250 signatures and that number is only going to rise.

When the petition was first created, it targetted just 750 signatures but has gone on to get more than five times that number in less than one month.
"The use of the Video Assistant Referee in the Premier League has totally failed. It gets as many (if not more) decisions wrong than before its use," the explanation reads.

"Football supporters were misled, and told VAR would be used only in 'clear and obvious' circumstances. We have seen thus far, that this is simply not the case.

"The paying supporters in the stadiums have been left bewildered during the decisions, with a total lack of communication given during VAR making its decisions.

VAR has 'ruined' football, according to the petition

"Supporters should have been prioritised with the implementation of VAR, however, they have been totally cast aside. VAR has stolen the heart and soul from football.

"Football was the most popular sport in the world before VAR, it was not broken and did not need fixing. Let's end the madness, put supporters first and scrap VAR!"

Pretty strong stuff, but after this weekend's action, it's hardly surprising that the petition is getting a lot of attention.

Wolves will feel hard done by this weekend

VAR marginally ruled out a number of goals this weekend. Norwich, Wolves, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United will all be feeling hard done by at the moment.

But in truth, the technology has cost almost every other team in the Premier League at some point this season and it seems supporters have had enough.

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