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BT Sport have named the 20 greatest Champions League goals of the decade

BT Sport have named the 20 greatest Champions League goals of the decade

20. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United (2018/19)

How Ronaldo managed to take this first time and over his shoulder without building himself a pair of human wing-mirrors is frankly beyond us.

19. Patrice Evra vs Bayern Munich (2013/14)
There weren't many things for United fans to cheer about during David Moyes' only season in charge, but Evra turning into Tony Yeboah at the Allianz Arena was a welcome anomaly.

18. Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (2012/13)

It looked as though Messi had half of northern Italy marking him outside the penalty area, yet he still managed to find the top corner with an absolute worldie.

17. Saul Niguez vs Bayern Munich (2015/16)

One of the best individual goal we've seen this decade. Saul clearly took a degree at the school of Messi and passed with a first.

16. Luis Suarez vs Paris Saint-Germain (2014/15)

You only need to look at our promotional image to see how wide of the post that Suarez curled this strike and still managed to find the net.

15. Arjen Robben vs Manchester United (2009/10)

While most mere mortals would have caused brain injuries in row Z, Robben met this corner first time and smashed it into the bottom corner with unerring composure.

14. Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Anderlecht (2013/14)

Ibrahimovic hit this strike so hard that the ball just decided the laws of physics don't apply to it anymore.

13. Ivan Rakitic vs Tottenham Hotspur (2018/19)

A great goal in two parts. Philippe Coutinho essentially gave an audition for Swan Lake with his ballet-like assist and Rakitic rounded it off with a crashing volley off the post.

12. Mohamed Salah vs AS Roma (2017/18)

Salah's first-half display against Roma is one of the best we've ever seen in the Champions League and it reached its zenith with this strike past none other than Alisson Becker.

11. Lionel Messi vs Arsenal (2010/11)

The sheer audacity of Messi to float the ball over Manuel Almunia's head in the way that he did was justification for its Puskas Award nomination alone.

10. Alessandro Florenzi vs Barcelona (2015/16)

Shooting from both the touchline and halfway line all in one go usually ends in tears, unless you're Florenzi and Marc-Andre ter Stegen is between the sticks.

9. Ramires vs Barcelona (2011/12)

Gary Neville saved his X-rated commentary for Chelsea's second goal on the night, but Ramires' delicious chip over Victor Valdes was probably worthier of his 'scorgasm.'

8. Philippe Mexes vs Anderlecht (2012/13)

There's something beautifully random about seeing a centre-back attempt a bicycle kick from the edge of the penalty and genuinely score.

7. Mario Mandzukic vs Real Madrid (2016/17)

Sorry Mandzukic, but your bicycle kick was actually worse than the one it's been picked ahead of, we're just letting this slide because it was the final, after all.

6. Lionel Messi vs Liverpool (2018/19)

Messi has blurred the line between free-kick and penalty taking so much in recent seasons that this spectacular strike just felt like a formality.

5. Dejan Stankovic vs Schalke (2010/11)

Volleying home from just outside the centre-circle is absolute madness whether you're shooting at an open goal or not. One of the most underrated goals of the modern era.

4. Aaron Ramsey vs Galatasaray (2014/15)

You know when people say they've hit the sweet spot in ball sports? We're not sure there has ever been a better example than when Ramsey unleashed this heat-seeking missile in Turkey.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Juventus (2017/18)

Ronaldo leaped so high for this iconic bicycle kick that we're surprised he didn't land with snow on his head.

2. Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (2010/11)

You get the feeling that Messi just thinks 'f*** it, I'll do it all myself' in some matches and his one-man destruction of the Real defence was the grandest manifestation of his powers.

1. Gareth Bale vs Liverpool (2017/18)

Bale had to adjust his entire body to meet this cross with the perfect bicycle kick and the result was a Champions League final goal that surpassed that of his manager Zinedine Zidane.

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