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Again VAR disallows three Premier League goals, same day for marginal offsides

Again VAR disallows three Premier League goals, same day for marginal offsides

And We could hear from the stance as they kept screaming....F*ck VAR”

A chant we’ve heard a lot during most every Premier League games this season.

Why? Because it’s a complete waste of time.

During today’s matches, THREE goals have now been ruled out by VAR for offside - and all of them were ridiculously tight.

Firstly, Dan Burn’s first ever goal for Brighton was disallowed during their game against Bournemouth. You couldn’t see with a naked eye from the replays that the defender was offside.

Luckily for the Seagulls, they still ran out 2-0 winners.

Later in the day, VAR was at it again.

During Crystal Palace’s 1-1 draw with Southampton, Wilfried Zaha was adjudged to have been offside before he assisted Max Meyer.

Again, replays were pretty inconclusive as the game ended 1-1.

Then, at Carrow Road, Teemu Pukki had a brilliant goal disallowed by VAR for, once again, a very marginal offside decision. How Ridiculous?

First it was Dan Burn, then Wilfried Zaha and now Teemu Pukki all have goals chalked off by VAR for being offside...

What makes things worse is that the system being used isn’t even 100% accurate.

Earlier in the season, a report in the Daily Mail explained how there is currently a margin of error.

“Referee bosses insist the technology being used gives almost 100 per cent certainty in tight offside decisions - but we can reveal that is simply not the case,” they wrote.

“The technology used in trying to determine when a ball was passed and when a run was made is actually not advanced enough - with a margin for error that could be as big as 38.8cm (14inches)."

Do we really need football to be absolutely flawless and disallow goals for a player apparently being centimetres offside?

Is that the reason we brought in VAR? To spend minutes drawing wonky lines to see if a player’s armpit is more advanced than a defender’s foot?

It’s definitely a joke.

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