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Leo Messi's example shows nothing is possible in football - Klopp

Jurgen Klopp names Messi as an example of a player who fought his way to the elite.

According to the German, because he was short, people didn't believe Messi could become a good footballer. Klopp claims there are a lot of players with similar careers at Liverpool.

Speaking about the mental strength of his squad, Jurgen Klopp surprisingly brings an example from another European league.

"You learn to fight pretty early in your life," he told The Athletic. "You want something that a lot of people would say is not possible. You have to stay stubborn and say 'no, it is possible, I want to try it, I want to do it'.

"There are some players who everyone saw at the first moment and thought 'oh, that’s so special'. But the biggest player in the world nowadays, probably Lionel Messi, when he was a kid he was pretty little so no-one thought he could get the physicality to be ready for professional football. Obviously, he made his way.

"That’s the story — it shows to everyone that it is possible. But without luck in decisive moments, you still have no chance. The right people need to see you in the right moments, in the right games to think 'yes, I see something in him'. We are not completely alone responsible for our careers. We always need to get picked by people."

Liverpool squad is definitely full of similar examples.

Divock Origi was on the brink of leaving the Reds midway through last season and turned into a game-changer when no one expected.

When Liverpool paid £75m for Virgil van Dijk, people were laughing saying Southampton had robbed them. Today clubs would love to pay twice as much for the Dutchman.

Jordan Henderson is perhaps one of the most underrated players in the Premier League but he proves the opposite day in, day out.

The thing that unites them is that they were picked at the right time, by the right manager.

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