Sissoko – it’s just 11 men I’m not scared of Liverpool we’re ready to win

Sissoko – it’s just 11 men I’m not scared of Liverpool we’re ready to win

Moussa Sissoko says he’s team harbour no fear for Liverpool and will play out to win the game on June 1.

He said this during a press conference with his manager and Here are few things Moussa Sissoko said ahead of the Champions League final

Sissoko - it's just 11 men I'm not scared of Liverpool we're ready to win
We are not afraid of Liverpool – ahead of the Champions League final [Getty Images]

Is there anything you fear about Liverpool?

I’m not scared of Liverpool or any team. It will be 11 men on the pitch and some on the bench. I’m not scared of anyone. We need to challenge, give our best and if we do we can beat any team. In the past we showed it.

We played some great teams and won. You have to do the same and even more. In the final, everyone will be more excited and try to do every thing, but if we give our best we can beat any team.

You know each other well but how different will this be from a regular English derby?

“We know each other but the Premier League is very different from the Champions League. We know the game will just be 90 minutes – or maybe extra-time – and it’s one game and one team will win the cup.

” Both teams will give everything and try to win the game. When it’s the league, maybe you think differently from a Champions League final.

“We just need to focus on ourselves, it doesn’t matter how the other team approaches the game. We need to focus on ourselves and that’s how we’ll win the game.

The last time you faced Liverpool you had that big chance to win the game at Anfield, is this the biggest chance on the biggest stage to put that behind you?

“Of course I remember. I think we played well. We should have come back with at least a draw. Yes, at the end of the game I had a big chance, I should have scored. Now it’s the past, I need to look forward and I know we’ll have a lot of chances to score.

“If I play – because we don’t know who will play yet – and if I score I’ll be happy and the team will be happy for me. But the most important thing is to win the game. It doesn’t matter who will be on the pitch.

“We all go in the same direction, with only one game left. If we do it we’ll all be proud and we will deserve that victory.

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