Furious Nigerians tell Police to stop arrest, rape of Abuja women – says “No customer, no prostitute,”

The arrest of women at night clubs and their alleged sexual harassment by Policemen in Abuja has left Nigerians furious. With many taken to the streets to show off their anger.

Woman sexual harassment by Policemen in Abuja
Nigerians protest arrest and harassment of women by the Police in Abuja. [Gutsynaij] [Instagram]

The Nigeria Police Force and officials of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), have for two weeks, raided hotels and night clubs in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

They arrested several woman, labeling them as prostitutes even without proper investigation.

A non-governmental organisations on Saturday, May 4, 2019, in Abuja, staged a protest against the act. According to the group, the action by the officers was a violation of human right.

The protest against the women arrest at night clubs in Abuja, kicked-off from the Old Parade Ground with Nigerians appearing in black shirts, also bearing placards with various inscriptions.

“Sex for bail is rape”, “It’s her today, it could be me tomorrow”, “To be a woman is not a crime”, “Women’s rights are human rights”, “Don’t rape us, protect us”, the chorused while marching through the streets of Abuja.

Sexual harassment by Policemen in Abuja

However, they were denied entrance at the FCT Police Command, as a team of gun-wielding policemen formed a human barricade thereby preventing them access into premises.

A member of the representative of Stand to End Rape and other NGOs, Rebecca Umar, said the duty of the Police is to protect citizens but now, harm them.

“It is not a crime to be a woman. We will not be silent, we are here because of the recent happenings at Utako (Caramelo) and other places,” she said.

“We are here to tell the police that you, the police, is supposed to be our friend. We are women, we should be free to wear whatever we want to wear without being arrested. The police is supposed to defend us, not rape us

Another representative of Stand to End Rape who spoke at the protest, Silvia, claimed that over 100 women have been arrested by the Police in Abuja and “branded prostitutes” without any evidence.

“According to the accounts of these women, they were raped without condoms and some policemen used sachet water bags as condoms. This is a violation of human rights. The AEPB has been taken to court on similar case and the lost.”



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