Gay-Friendly countries : Asia ranks up after Taiwan’s same sex marriage legalization

Gay-Friendly countries : Asia ranks up after Taiwan’s same sex marriage legalization

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Here’s What happened. Taiwan created new history today after lawmakers there voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage, this makes them three first to such move by any Asian state.

The most developing and LGBTQ-friendly of three draft bills given for review, the government-sponsored measure was passed 66-27 just a week shy of a Constitutional Court deadline to comply with its earlier ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

The new Taiwan gay marriage law, will kick in from Friday 24, May 2019. Offering few adoption rights to its citizens.

Taiwan’s new same sex marriage adoption law sees them join a host of other twenty-six countries already practicing the unions.

Gay-Friendly countries : Asia ranks up after Taiwan's  same sex marriage legalization
Women in Taiwan happy, forms a heart with their hands as they react after parliament voted to legalise same-sex marriage on May 17, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan [SOURCE GETTY IMAGES]

Why the new Same sex marriage adoption in Taiwan pose serious issues

Previously, the accient ruling suggests that tolerance of same-sex relationships may be increasing in parts of Asia. Last year, for example, India’s top court dismissed a colonial-era law that criminalized adult consensual homosexual relationships.

In addition, And a recent poll revealed that most young Singaporeans support same-sex marriages — currently not allowed in the city-state.

However, an opposite trend is occurring: Brunei horrified observers last month after enacting a law punishing gay sex with death, and although same-sex relationships are legal in Indonesia, anti-LGBTQ sentiment there increases daily.

This also relate to something of an anomaly in Asia: visual elsewhere via a conservative-liberal prism, the chats over gay rights is happening within mostly conservative societies. Name it a clash of Asian visions.

The Perception About Asia Gay Marriage ( HOW TO THINK ABOUT IT)

It’s been cooking ever since. Friday’s vote wasn’t exactly a surprise — although it didn’t come about easily, either.

Same sex marriage legalization in Taiwan
Gay-Friendly countries : Asia ranks up after Taiwan’s same sex marriage legalization [OZY SPECIAL BRIEFING ]

In recent years, Taiwan remains Asia’s biggest yearly gay pride party parade. Furthermore, the Supreme Court itself opened the doors in 2017 by rulling that unions between a man and a woman was unconstitutional.

Majority of Asia’s citizens voted against same-sex marriage rights in a public referendum last November, while the legislature’s decision to wait until the 11th hour to comply to the court’s order demonstrates that toughness by appearing at odds with broader Taiwanese sentiment.

Still, the Taiwanese Parliament’s voting on Friday secures freedom for the LGBTQ community which they wouldn’t enjoy elsewhere in Asia.

I now guess reason gay couples living the island state begun planning their weddings even before their legislative win.

Though the country might be overlooked globally, one 31-year-old gay man told AFP, “the things we have done are visionary and with purpose.”

In conclusion, the world is fast approaching calamity and will soon become more coarse if acts like this keeps getting in and around governments.


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