Few are “with injuries in their private parts’ – Nigerians outraged over sexual abuse of ladies recently arrested by police in Abuja

Nigerians have gushed out on social media condemning the severe sexual abuse of ladies recently arrested by the Abuja Police Command for prostitution.

The women (not pictured) were accused of being prostitutes by the authorities (image used for illustrative purpose) [Sun News]

About 72 woman, who were arrested on Saturday April 27, 2019 during a hotel raiding at Utako in FCT Abuja were detained and has since then, got badly sexually abused.

Human Rights activist and lawyer, Martin Obono, via his twitter page (@martobono) raised alarm over the arrest. According to him, some of the ladies were molested and assaulted with injuries in their private parts.

Human Rights activist and lawyer, Martin Obono, via his twitter page (@martobono) raised alarm over the arrest

Since the reports went viral, Nigerians are in reactions wondered why the girls were arrested in the first place.

The lawyer said the ladies were arrested and detained for clubbing, before tagged to be commercial sex workers by the authorities.

The Nigerian Police Force who are known for arresting people and charging them for crimes without proper investigation, has left many questioning the authenticity of their reports over the woman

In recent times, allegations that officers routinely sexually abuse prostitutes arrested during night raids, have gained momentum.

At times, they’re forced to offer sexual favours for their freedom.

Nigerians are relentless in their criticism over the treatment of the women although it’s been several days ago.

Efforts by newsmen to getting a concrete response from the Head of police Department has failed.

However , Head of the Force Public Complaint Response Unit, ACP Yomi Shogunle, reiterated to “those making noise on the clampdown on prostitutes” that sex work is illegal in Nigeria. Posting the tweet on his Twitter account (@YomiShogunle) on Tuesday, he said prostitution is a sin under two main religions of FCT residents.

He concluded by declaring that Nigerian culture frowns on prostitution and that prostitutes don’t pay tax to the government


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