Watch trending Video of two sisters badly beating up their friend after they discovered she’s been having s*x with their father

Two sisters has badly beaten up their friend for having an affair with father behind their back.

Sisters has badly beaten up their friend for having an affair with father behind their back.

However, most Nigerians aren’t in support of the actions by the ladies as few believes it’s not the best way to addressing the issues.

According to the first video clip posted on Twitter handle of one Rukevwe, @sie_tes, the 3 ladies were “interrogating” another lady during which one of the attackers slapped the victim whose name was given simply as Mirabel. During the heated conversation, which was in pidgin English, one of the ladies asked Mirabel why she was sending her pictures to an unnamed man who turned out to be the father of the other two ladies in the video.

“You dey send am your picture!” one of the ladies said to Mirabel. Then another asked, “Wetin you dey do for am wey him dey send you money?” one of the ladies asked Mirabel.

Mirable got another hot slap on the face, even before she open her mouth to give her reasons. As another said :

“You, Mirabel, I go f**k you up for this place, now wey I don come for you. You wey I take as my own. I take you as my own; make I start to dey post you slap now? she asked, ready to pounce again with more slaps. As the assault continued in the second clip posted by Roland_speaks, while one of the ladies tried to refrain the first lady who had slapped Mirabel, pleading with the other two ladies that the assault was enough. E don do,” she kept saying as she kept trying to keep one of the ladies from further attacking Mirabel.

Watch video below :


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