Heat in Nigeria: Experts Explains Reason For Severe Weather Conditions

The cutting-edge extreme heat being experience in Nigeria, and Yobe is attributed to increase in human activities that are unfavourable to the surroundings.

Severe heat in Nigeria

Dr. mohammed Bukar Ngamdu of the branch of geography, in Yobe university, made the statement today, Monday while addressing the changing climate condition.

He said:

“The immoderate heat in this part of the Yobe is as a result of global climatic exchange which is due to human activities.

“Activities consisting of deforestation, amongst others with out changing them are responsible.

“As an instance, in an environment, generally timber function to accommodate carbon, this is the extra carbon that exists inside the atmosphere is being saved inside the trees.

“So inside the process of cutting down those bushes, the carbon being saved within the tree will return to the environment, thereby increasing the rate of heat inside the ecosystem,” he cited.


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