World’s largest cocaine seizure made in new New York sales estimated to be over $77 million

The world’s largest cocaine seizure has been made in new York today after a shipping container that arrived at the Port of New York and New Jersey on Feb. 28 was busted with 3,200 pounds of cocaine .

On the crates, it was written dried fruit from Colombia but inside the crates, they were tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine.

The cargo ship had arrived in Newark from Buena Ventura, Colombia, and its next stop was Antwerp, Belgium.

As estimated by the authorities, the drugs  is valued at $77 million.

“This is a significant seizure, in fact it is the largest cocaine seizure at the Port of New York/Newark since May 1994,” said Troy Miller, director of Customs and Border Protection’s New York Field Operations.

After agents boarded the ship, they inspected several containers and noticed the ceiling pins for a particular shipping container had been tampered with, a source told ABC News.

Agents x-rayed the container, opened it and that’s when they discovered the cocaine, the source said.


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