14 January 2019

Welcome back to school- Here are 3 tips which will help your kid at his upcoming common entrance exams.

As parents, you always have to be at the forefront to get the best for your child and excelling at a common entrance exam is no exception.

Most kids might even forgotten their bags, school sandals, uniform and writing materials already after all the enjoyment and after eating all the christmas chicken and jollof rice. So as a parent you might want to start brushing them up again to speed and help them regather their stuffs so as to have a very good term in school this year.

Many parents get shoved with their children not meeting up with cut off marks of top schools and end up sending their children to an average school they might end up regretting later in future.

Here are 3 tips which will help your kid at his upcoming common entrance exams.

1. Get an experienced home teacher or tutor for his exams preparations

Hire a proficient home tutor or private lesson teacher from Prepclass Home Tutors to help assist your child in his preparations. Parents often make the mistake of getting a home teacher from their child's school to help in preparations.

For the preparation of the common entrance exam, parents would have to work with tutors or teachers that have or have shown experience in taking children for the common entrance exam. You can hire the best maths tutors, general science tutor, quantitative home tutors, english home tutors, and verbal home tutor for your child's exam preparations from Prepclass today.

They currently have a database of over thirty thousand (30000) home tutors in Nigeria today and the best part about them is you can always hire a tutor in your location such as home tutors in Lagos, home tutors in Abuja, home tutors in port Harcourt , home tutors in Lekki. Or you can reach out to them on the following lines 09035321117 or 08059811502 or click here to sign up.

2. Get past common entrance questions for your kid.

In preparing your child for the upcoming common entrance. You would have to get past questions on the various subjects he would be taking in the upcoming exams. Solving past questions helps your child get used to the types of questions frequently asked and setting a time limit while solving the questions is also advised. The easiest way to get past question material is work with a Prepclass trained home tutor

3. Change your kids previous reading strategy .

 As parent you might want to bring up new ways to help your kid learn faster and last longer while reading that might to get the child burnt out or too tired. so you should introduce the automatic 6-8pm daily hours evening reading for your kid if you must allow him have a good night rest and at least have to entertain himself watching the TV to keep his mind sharp.

Furthermore, It is important to develop a homework routine for your kid that fits with your family’s schedule. Generally, it has been shown that kids are more successful with homework completion shortly after school.

The later your kid does his homework the more likelihood he would demonstrate frustration, lack of motivation or behavior problems. Determine what time homework will be started, remove distractions and ensure a quiet work area with access to necessary study materials. Treat homework similar to a sporting event by cheering for accomplishments and offering support and encouragement when difficulties arise.

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