8 January 2019

Senator Dino Melaye"s BP is steadily on the rise & currently 150/110 he is being held in serious unhealthy condition_Ben Bruce

Although the Nigerian police had earlier said yesterday that Senator Dino Melaye was passed fit to face Trial, Senator Ben Bruce has rebuffed such claims, as he raised alarm of the health condition of the lawmaker

According to the lawmaker, 'Dino is being held in very unhealthy circumstances by Police. 3 consultants recommended he be moved but the police have ignored the report. His BP is steadily on the rise & currently 150/110. Let’s recall Dino Melaye is being treated this way because he is PDP'.

He also added that, 'rather than the Police being the judge and jury in their own case with Dino Melaye, why don’t we get an objective third party medical examiner to examine Dino to determine whether he is really ill or faking as the Police allege?'.

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