3 January 2019

See photos as Pastor Chris Okafor flashes his newly acquired private jet

Just few years ago, it was rumored that  the General Overseer of the Mountain of Miracles and Liberation Ministries, Dr. Chris Okafor allegedly bought a private jet. the news was first reported by a freelance blogger via his website and the information was leaked by a member of the church. however the church did not officially release a statement regarding the rumors but a reliable source told the public that the news was a “rudderless rumor”. But on December 27, 2018, what the source referred to as “rudderless rumor” suddenly crystallized into a verifiable reality.
A source who would not like to be named insisted the man of God has actually just acquired a new jet as it went ahsed to post pictures and video evidence of the pastor and his jet

Okafor  who is known worldwide for his daring and accurate prophecies is no stranger to rumors and allegations. However, he has not responded to the latest allusions.

If found to be true, Dr. Okafor will Join the growing list of Nigeria’s mega pastors whose ministries have been graced with luxurious jets. The man of God who once boasted that he had never touched his church money for personal use will eventually have to explain if his latest acquisition was purchased with church money or received as a gift from partners and or well-wishers.

The charismatic man of God  is one of the most traveled preachers out of Nigeria, reaching nearing 200 international locations yearly for his worldwide prophetic crusades known as Chris Okafor World Outreach.

More photos below...

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