4 January 2019

Presidency to PDP_ Buahri, Amina Zakari don"t share any family relationship

The Peoples Democratic Party has come under scrutiny by the Presidency over accusations that INEC official, Amina Zakari is a relation of President Buhari.
The senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu via a statement on Friday alleged that PDP furthered their ''baseless'' accusations against the person of Amina Zakari.

GUTSYNAIJ Recalls  that Zakarai's appointment as the chairperson of the INEC collation center for the 2019 presidential election, was greeted with serious condemnation following claims she is President Buhari's niece.

“In their desperation, they forget that it was the PDP government that appointed her in the first place and they keep lying, as they have been caught doing on so many issues, by imputing a blood relationship between her and President Muhammadu Buhari.

“President Buhari and Commissioner Amina Zakari don’t share a family relationship. An inter-marriage occurred in their extended families, so the imputation of blood relationship between the President and the electoral commissioner is a simple lie;

What is even more curious about all the fuss coming from the PDP is that they, as a ruling party picked Mrs Zakari, judging her by her own merit and made her an electoral commissioner. She served so well with distinction as can be verified from the records that President Buhari approved the recommendation that she be reappointed, as he did other PDP nominees for second-term of four years.

PDP, therefore, has no moral right to keep harassing this hardworking mother unless they have a hidden agenda.

By this statement, the PDP is guilty of scoring an own goal and two, of harassing an innocent citizen on the basis of a lie, pure and simple.”

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