1 January 2019

Man who gunned down his girlfriend, her two children and their grandmother before opening fire on cops' could face death penalty

Richard Darren Emery, 46, of St. Charles, Missouri who shoot his 39-year-old girlfriend Kate Kasten, her children eight-year-old Zoe Kasten and 10-year-old Jonathan Kasten and their grandmother 61-year-old Jane Moeckel late Friday might be facing death penalty.

Emery also exchanged gunfire with officers as he fled and was captured several hours later wounded and covered in blood.

The deceased who is facing 15 charges, including first-degree murder could face the death penalty once the investigation is complete, according to Prosecutors.

Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar condemned the incident in a news conference calling it 'horrific.'

He said: 'What can possess someone to take the life of a child, is beyond on me - and we may never know.

'This one, in particular, was the worst example of a domestic violence case. Anytime you have a domestic violence case you worry about the safety of the victim, and this would be your worst nightmare.'

'It's premature for us to make any sort of pronouncement about that right now, but I can tell you this thing looks and smells like a death penalty case,' Lohmar added.
According to the report, the children's father Kory Kasten passed away after losing his battle with cancer last summer.

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