Charlyboy reacts to Buhari and Atiku absenting themselves from the 2019 presidential debate

Popular Human right activist and entertainer Charles Oputa also known as Charlyboy has shared his own part of the event that happened on Saturday which saw  President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP}, failing to appear at the 2019 presidential debate.

Reacting via a terse statement sent out were both Buhari and Atiku explained their reason for being absent, on Saturday night, Charlyboy said he was not surprised President Buhari didn’t show up having failed to impress Nigerians in a town hall meeting a few days ago.

He alleged that Atiku ‘chickened out’ of the debate out of fear for the three other co-debaters present.

The maverick artiste, however, slammed Moghalu, Durotoye, and Ezekwesili for dissipating their energies in seeking individual victories in the elections rather than working together to defeat and dislodge the APC and PDP from power.

He said: “The Great Debate? For where? After the gibberish called English Buhari came to vomit? I knew that no way in hell his handlers would have allowed him to come back for another humiliation.

“Atiku showed up but figured it was beneath him to debate with Kingsley, Oby not to mention Fela. Even before it started, Atiku ran away.

“For the other aspirants who for their selfish reasons refused to come together as one, make una go tell them this is not a house fellowship. This is a bogus system of treachery and principalities.

“We need a super force to fight these “evil demons”. Grammar alone for now can’t cut it, not with devilish people. I tire for our Mumurism. #buharihasfailed. #atikuisnotanoption.”


Chibueze is a graduate from the Federal University of Technology Owerri from the department of Information Management and is a lover of News, gist and entertainment

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