9 January 2019

A Nigerian will start World War 3 with a fake news- Professor Wole Soyinka

According to Professor Wole Soyinka the next treat that might lead to World War 3 is the increasing rate at which fake news is dispersed 
Soyinka who is a panelist at BBC News‘ ‘Countering Fake News’ symposium said this in Abuja today said, “I’ve said this before that fake news may cause World War 3 and the fake news will be started by a Nigerian.”

The Professor  expressed his sadness for the fact that a lot of false statements have been attributed to him. 

“During the last Presidential election I was quoted as saying that it serves President Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate. Sometimes some people quote me as saying if you vote for a particular candidate, your mother is a goat or your father is a gorilla”.

Soyinka said last year he saw his obituary many times on social media causing many people to call his phone

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