4 December 2018

NEWS: “We inherited so many problems" but I no longer complain President Buhari Says

President Buhari had earlier lamented the pilled up problems he's predecessors had left him but today, the President has said he will no longer complain about the problems  inherited when his administration came into office in 2015.
The President who has always been criticised for consistently making reference to the problems the last administration created before he assumed office, said this when he spoke to a cross section of Nigerians residing in Poland where he is attending the global summit on climate change.

“We inherited so many problems.  Actually, I have said I will not complain because I asked for it.  I tried to become President three times and I lost, but I was lucky the fourth time, I became one, so I can’t complain. Who asked me to do it again? Three times I ended up in the Supreme Court. The third time, I said, ‘God dey’ and the fourth time, God and technology, using the permanent voter card and the card readers, they couldn’t rig the elections; so I won.” he said

The President has been struggling to combat different attacks ranging from the Fulani Herdsmen Attacks, Boko Haram Activities,  and many more.  But the most challenging of all is the hunger people has suffered since his administration took over.

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