5 December 2018

Apple Company has entered the trillion dollars realm in net worth! here is how it affects you

Apple Company  has entered the trillion dollars realm in net worth. But as you read this headline the first thing that comes to mind is,......  How does this has anything to do with me?
But a wise man once said that the future only belongs to those who have the ability to foresee it and sacrifice the pleasures of the present in order to gain it.

Believe me when I tell you that success is a product of intensive work input, persistence and courage.  You might and won't succeed, not taking a little bit of pain, no matter the amount of "Grace" you feel is embedded in your prototype.

So as I read through a financial report that Apple (Company) has entered the trillion dollars realm in net worth, I was curious to know more about the company. In my search, I stumbled into a surprising but pathetic story concerning one of the co-founders of Apple by name, Ronald Wayne.

This man co-founded Apple Computers (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He drew the first Apple logo, drafted the first original agreement between the founders and wrote the first manual for their first computer.

Ronald Wayne  held a 10% share in the company but soon decided to relinquish it for $800 and was given additional $1500 to forfeit all right of ownership two weeks after the company was officially registered in 1976.

His reason for that decision was that the company was financially demanding. Today, if Ronald Wayne had kept his 10% share, he would have been worth over a 100 billion dollars. That would have made him the richest or second richest man on earth.

But the total value of what Ronald Wayne collected in 1976 stands at $ 9,498 in 2017. Today Ronald Wayne is worth $ 300,000 less than the million dollar mark, yet the agreement he drafted was sold for over a million dollars after he left.(Get wise ! You won't be excused for being ignorant)

The first Apple product he ever owned was iPad 2 which was given to him in 2011.


Ronald Wayne said it was demanding on him financially. If only he saw today, his decision of 1976 would have been so different.
Everything of lasting value is highly demanding. Greatness is not a product of convenience. The greatness of tomorrow begins with the sacrifice of today.

My Supper Advice :

• If you need to live in a one room apartment today to own an estate tomorrow do!
• If you need to ride a tricycle today in order to distribute a Rolls Royce tomorrow Pls do!
• If you need to patronize fairly used clothes today to own a boutique tomorrow Pls do!

Do you know the greatest pain ever?

The pain of knowing you had the opportunity at a point in life to change the course of your life this the greatest pain of regret to live with.

Today Ronald Wayne in his right will be said to be financially OK at $300,000 but hearing the news that the company he cofounded is the first company to hit the trillion dollars mark will send many thoughts to his mind.

 The children will be like.... .   Had our father....... Only God can describe what will be going on in their minds.

Actions you should implement after reading this article :

• Where you see a future don't fail to invest
• Where you see a future don't fail to sacrifice
• Where you see a future don't fail to endure.
• Where you see a future don't fail to persist
• Where you see a future don't fail to believe.

Don't forget to always invest in yourself by being crazy to acquire knowledge.  Buy it and never sell it.

Even the Bible advised about how you need to study to prove yourself worthy.

The future truly belongs to those who can foresee it and give all it takes to get there. If you don't remember anything I have said so far, don't ever forget that " Greatness in life is not a product of convenience.” It takes sacrifice.

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