14 November 2018

DAVIDO VS EKO ATLANTICManagement Says Davido claims that "we are politically motivated is false"

Davido has been left in depth  disappointment after he was allegedly denied the venue he desired the most for he's December concert by Eko Atlantic.
_DAVIDO VS EKO ATLANTIC: Management Says Davido claims that "we are politically motivated is false"_ 

Earlier today, Nigerian popstar, Davido called out the management of Eko Atlantic, the proposed venue of his December concert for allegedly denying access to use the venue

According to Davido, it was all politically motivated. He said :'so my show this December at eko Atlantic Was not approved. I wonder why?' He went on to say, 'na the highest dem fit do be that. I will support who I want to support and not swicth sides for a fucking venue'.
But according to the management, the claim by the Nigerian popster is not true and that they hold the safety of life and properties as the most important .

 Eko Atlantic has reacted and said :, 'to  imply that we are politically motivated is false' saying the security of residents and visitors to the city is paramount.

See their full letter and Davido's response below...

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